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Highest Quality Components. Made to Last for Years

Our cat proof fence system is designed for durability, ensuring it lasts a long time with minimal need for maintenance. Oscillot® machined components are crafted with high precision and use only the toughest materials to withstand harsh weather conditions.Whether faced with dust, rain, or snow, our system keeps on spinning.

The Original, 100% Australian Made & Owned Cat-Proof Fence

We are the Inventor of the spinning-paddle cat-proof fence system. Engineered and manufactured to the highest standard in Adelaide, South Australia since 2008, our Cat-Proof Fence Kits are sold across USA & internationally. Oscillot® is the #1 spinning cat proof fence system in the world!

Why do cat owners choose Oscillot?

oscillot three year manufacturer's warranty

Oscillot® is a premium product, we're happy to back it with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. If there's a fault with any of the components, we'll replace them free of charge.

cat proof fence kits with diy installation and removal

Oscillot® was designed for easy do-it-yourself installation. All you need are a few tools & a few hours of time. If you don't have the time, reach out to a local handyman of your choice and show them our detailed Installation Instructions.

cat proof fence kits with no cages or nets

There are no cages, no nets & no electric currents to harm your kitty. Oscillot® is truly the most unobtrusive cat containment solution in the world

cat proof fence kits help protect native wildlife

Free roaming cats cause major destruction to our native wildlife. By keeping your cat safely contained to your own yard with Oscillot® you're effectively reducing your cats negative impact on our precious native fauna.

keep your cat safe and protected with oscillot cat proof fence kits

Statistically, cats kept safe at home outlive free roaming cats by 8+ years. Keeping your cat at home with Oscillot® also reduces the likelihood of contagious diseases & eliminates the risk of dog attacks and car accidents.

cat proof fence kits one hundred percent aussie made

Oscillot® is manufactured entirely in Australia from quality materials designed for an extended outdoor lifespan.

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MORE THAN 12,000 cat owners across the world keep their cats safe at home with Oscillot®

Not-so-cat-loving neighbors? Local Council trapping? Dangerous dogs in the neighborhood? Busy roads nearby? Or maybe you just want to make sure your feline family member is safe and lives the longest, healthiest life possible... There are many reasons to keep your cat contained with your property and you can solve them all with our revolutionary cat-proof fencing solution.

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Take comfort in our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

At Oscillot® we take the safety and wellbeing of your kitty seriously. That's why all components are 100% Australian made from quality material and carry a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. We also have a 60-day money back guarantee to make sure you and your feline family members are happy!

Quick video tour of an Oscillot® installation.

Watch this one minute video of a customer in Missouri, USA showing us his Oscillot® cat proof fence kit installation.

cat proof fence kit Oscillot America for cat-proofing backyard.
Oscillot® is the first choice for pet owners who want to keep the aesthetics of their yard...

Oscillot® is fast-becoming the first choice fence topper for cat owners across the world because there are NO wires, NO cages, NO netting and NO electric currents. Oscillot® is also the only cat-proof fence containment system endorsed by Nature Canada, Animal Welfare League of Australia and the Animal Welfare League of Queenlsand.

Coyote Rollers

New coyote-proof fence kits available for your backyard. Unlike cats, coyotes and dogs jump with momentum to the top of the fence in hope of throwing over their front paws. When coyote-proofing your fence, you need to install your coyote rollers directly onto the fence top, close to the outer edge of the fence line.

How to cat-proof your yard

cat proof fence kit Oscillot America for cat-proofing backyard.
Install Along Fence

Oscillot® consists of a series of four-bladed aluminum or plastic rollers installed consecutively one-after-the-other along fence lines containing bearings that will never rust or jam. 

cat proof fence kit Oscillot America for cat-proofing backyard.
Spinning Paddles

When a cat tries to jump and scale the fence, they have to grab the top of the fence in order to get leverage to escape, but as soon as they place a paw on any of the paddles they start spinning.

cat proof fence kit Oscillot America for cat-proofing backyard.
No Traction

The spinning of the paddles prevents the cat getting a foot-hold. Therefore, the cat cannot get the required traction on the fence top and falls back safely to the ground in their own yard. Crisis has been averted!

cat proof fence kit Oscillot America for cat-proofing backyard.

Wandering felines are a hazard to themselves...

Free-roaming cats often find themselves getting into trouble, from cat-fights to upsetting neighbours and everything in between.
cat proof fence kit Oscillot America for cat-proofing backyard.

Not to mention the unplanned vet bills...

Free-roaming cats inevitably face expensive vet bills from preventable injuries, illnesses and accidents.
cat proof fence kit Oscillot America for cat-proofing backyard.

They are also a danger to native wildlife...

Unfortunately, our beloved felines when left to roam the neighbourhood cause destruction to native wildlife, especially in parks, reserves and wetland areas.

Cat proofing your yard has long been considered too difficult... Until Now...

Cats use a jump-grab-climb action to scale fences. Oscillot® is the original and revolutionary cat proof fence roller system designed to counteract this technique and make sure that your cats cannot escape your yard. The patented system consists of a series of colorful spinning paddles installed on top of your fence. Easy DIY installation and suitability for most fence types makes Oscillot® the most straight-forward cat containment solution for keeping your cat safe in your yard. NO cages. NO nets. NO wires. NO WORRIES!

What is Oscillot?

Available in easy cat-proof fence roller kits and suitable for most fence types, Oscillot® is the simple and reliable solution for keeping your cat safely contained to your yard. It is the revolutionary cat containment system designed for DIY installation to existing fences including chain-link, timber, masonry, vinyl, and composite fencing. Keep your pet cats safe and active in their own yard.

The system consists of a series of four-bladed aluminum powder coated paddles designed for installation running consecutively along the length of the fence line between mounting components containing bearings. Once the system is installed on top of your fence, Oscillot® creates an outdoor cat fence enclosure limited only by the size of your backyard. Available for online purchase with delivery to Canada, United States and The Mexico.

When a cat tries to jump and scale the fence, they place a paw on the paddle, which then spins; the cat cannot get traction and falls safely back to the ground.

Cat proofing a fence has never been this easy and looked this good.

Installing Oscillot

Oscillot® is designed to prevent cats from scaling fences that are at least 6 feet tall. Oscillot® cat-proof fence system was originally designed for installation on metal fences. We now have customers across the world, with installations on many different fence types and variations including timber, masonry, composite and vinyl.

The most important point to remember when installing Oscillot® is that your cat needs to be jumping from the ground to the top of the fence in a single motion with no help on the way up in the form of "ladders or platforms". "Ladders and platforms" are objects next to the fence such as trees, trellis, sheds and garden beds etc.

Most installations only take a matter of hours and require only a few tools. If you don't have the tools, or don't have the time to install, you can reach out to a local Handyman that you are happy with, they will likely be able to do the installation for you. Get them to check our our Installation Guide and call us if they have any questions about your installation.


The only system of its type in the world

Invented and manufactured in Australia. Oscillot® is now one of the most popular cat containment systems in the world. Cat fencing will never be the same.