This Refunds & Returns Policy applies to purchases from this web site only (

Unused Items

Your item must be in its original unused condition to be returned, unless there is a manufacturer defect. You must return the item within 30 days of your purchase.

  1. Notify us that you are requesting a refund and the reason for the request.
  2. You must arrange a courier and pay the associated courier costs.
  3. Include in your package the original receipt.

We do not refund the original shipping and handling that you paid on the order. The return courier is to be at your own cost. If a 'free shipping' offer was applied to your original order, you will be required to pay $50 to cover the cost of the initial shipping of the order. We will not be required to bare the cost of the original shipping of the item/s is being returned, the $50 charge is to cover this initial shipping cost.  

Defective Items

If the item is faulty due to a manufacturing issue, we will pay the return courier and refund your money in full or exchange for new item at our own expense. 

Non-defective Used Items purchased after 1 January 2016

We will refund the full purchase price for items purchased from us through this website after 1 January 2018 if the system is installed in accordance with our instructions and the system is shown to be ineffective. In order to prove that the system is ineffective, please contact us within 30 days of the original delivery of the system to notify us that you are requesting a refund and;

  1. We will further request photos or videos of the installation which demonstrates installation in accordance with our installation instructions;
  2. Follow our instructions regarding installation and where appropriate carry out any adjustment of or re-installation of the system as recommended by us. You must allow us to inspect the installation should we so request. Note; we will not be liable for any damage caused to your fence in the process of installation or removal of the cat containment system.

If we determine that the system has been installed in accordance with our instructions and it is ineffective, courier item/s can be returned within 7 days of our confirmation that the purchase money will be refunded. You must pay all associated costs of return including courier and export duties and taxes.

We will refund your money within seven days of receiving the returned items.

We will not refund your money if:-

  1. The system has not been installed in accordance with our installation instructions (including any re-installation instructions);
  2. The system is installed on a fence that is not at least 6 feet in height
  3. Cats enter your premises
  4. You change your mind.