Installation Guide Cat-proof Fence Oscillot

Installation Guide

Oscillot® was designed for simple, 'Do it Yourself' installation to fences that are at least 6 feet in height. You only need a few tools and some time! If you don't have the time, you don't have to miss out, just show our Installation Guide to your local contractor.

Oscillot® has been extensively tested and proven to be safely and reliably effective when installed on a 6 feet tall fence. Cats on average can jump up to 6 feet without any additional support. Installing Oscillot® on a lower fence may cause a cat to jump above the system and roll over to the opposite side of the fence.

Cat proofing system can only be installed on fences taller than six feet
Before you start. . .

The most important point to remember when installing Oscillot® is that your cat needs to be jumping from the ground to the top of the fence in a single motion with no help on the way up in the form of "ladders or platforms". "Ladders and platforms" are objects next to the fence such as garden beds, trees, trellis, sheds etc. It can also include horizontal beams on your fence (if your cat is particularly agile).

Remove all objects that are adjacent to the fence. Use cat tree guards if necessary to cat proof your trees

To ensure the effectiveness of Oscillot®, check that your existing fence secures the full perimeter of your yard:

x Block-off any gaps.

x Make sure that your cat cannot dig or crawl under the fence.

x Keep the fence clear of any objects that your cat may use to scale the fence, e.g. garbage bins, building materials and barbeques.

x Remove any shrubs and bushes located close to the fence.

x Install Tree Guards around the trunk of any trees located close to the fence.

x Remove any tree branches overhanging the fence.

For more than 90% of installations, installing Oscillot® alone is adequate and will result in effective cat-proofing of the fence to keep your cat safe at home. For some fence setups, in particular timber fences with the posts and rails on the inside of the fence, an extra cat-proofing measure in addition to installing Oscillot® may in some instances be required. Scroll down for more detail about cat-proofing a wooden fence.

Check Fence Tops

Fence tops made from materials such as glass, chain-link or brush will need to be capped off or reinforced. You can achieve that with any solid material that is capable of retaining a screw and holding the weight of the system. All mounting surfaces must be in good repair and able to support the Oscillot® components.

Check Fence Tops when installing cat proof fence system by Oscillot
Check Gates

Installing Oscillot® in some cases may interfere with gate opening freely. Gates may require re-hinging to allow them to open in the right direction.
If you have an arched gate, you can even it out with a thick sheet of UV-treated polycarbonate:

Check gates when installing cat proof fence system by Oscillot
Create an Unbroken Barrier

Ensure the system is installed in a way that creates an unbroken barrier around the perimeter of the area. Only correct installation of Oscillot® will result in effective containment.

create an unbroken barrier when installing your cat proof fence system
Cats Only

Oscillot® must only be used to contain cats. It is not suitable to contain other animals, such as dogs, because excess weight may bend the paddles out of shape. It is the responsibility of every pet owner to comply with the rules and regulations that govern pet ownership. Check with your local council for microchipping, registration and confinement by-laws governing your area.

Cat proof fence system is designed for cats and tested by cats
Check With Your HOA

If your neighborhood is regulated by HOA, you should seek approval to install Oscillot®. In case your HOA’s regulations are rather strict, no worries! You can still install rollers on the inside of your fence if it is at least 6 feet tall. When installed on the inside, the system will not be visible to the neighbors and will not violate HOA regulations.

Check with your home owner association to ensure compliance when installing a cat proof fence system in your backyard
Cat Proof Fence Kits for cat-proofing your yard. Cat fence solution.

Cat Proofing Your Fence Type

Brackets or No brackets when installing a cat proof fence system

Brackets or No Brackets?

common mistakes when installing a cat proof fence system

Common Mistakes

Introducing your cat to Oscillot cat proof fence system

Introducing Your Cat To OSCILLOT®

Show Them How It Works

While securely holding your cat, lift your cat up, place one of its front paws on the paddle and allow it to spin the paddle. 

Show them how the cat fence system works

Release Any Other Pets Or Wildlife

After installation, we recommend confining your cat indoors for several days to enable you to release, via your gates, any other pets or wildlife that become contained in your yard. These animals will likely not return after being contained the first time. When you do release your cat into the yard, let them out only under supervision for at least one week to ensure that they do not find ways to escape the yard, such as a tree, shed roof or digging under the fence.

Supervise First

If you have recently moved to the property where you have installed Oscillot®, we recommend confining your cat indoors for four weeks while your cat becomes familiar with its new home environment. If your cat manages to escape during this period, it might struggle to find its way home. After this initial period, allow your cat supervised access to the yard for short periods and once you are confident that the cat recognizes its new home, you can provide full, unsupervised access to the yard.

DISCLAIMER: Oscillot North America assumes no liability regarding the improper installation or misapplication of its products. It is the Installer's responsibility to check for proper installation. Under no circumstances will Oscillot North America be liable for any labor charged or travel time incurred with relation to installation of its products. Damaged caused by improper installation is the Installer's responsibility and Oscillot North America assumes no liability.