How to Measure your Yard

Although Oscillot® is a relatively simple cat fence containment system compared to more complicated netting, cat run and cage setups, it can take a bit of working out in order to make sure you are ordering the correct components and quantities for your yard or allocated space in which you would like to install Oscillot®.

Rest assured, we are more than happy to help you work out your requirements. You'll need to be able to give us the measurements of each section of fence line. So if you have a four-sided yard, you will need to measure each of the four-sides separately. It's helpful if you can map out your fence line, it doesn't matter how rough it is, and include the measurements and the locations of any gates or variables on the map. 

Below is an example of a typical yard setup and the quantities of components that would be required to undertake the installation. 

If you're not sure how to work out your requirements, or have any questions at all, please contact us and we'd be more than happy to assist.


Watch the Installation video with detailed instructions.

Step 1: Measure your fence sections

A fence section is a part of your fence where paddles can be installed in a sequence.
Fence sections can include:

  • Gate door
  • Distance between the house wall and beginning of gate
  • Distance after a gate door and a corner
  • Length of a straight section between corners

• Length of a fence section before a change of height

If you have fence posts between the fence panels that do not change height and are not broken up by corners or gates, you DON'T have to split them up into separate sections.

Step 2: Add sections into the calculator